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Apollo Plastics LTD DUAL-MOCHA - Made from highly durable 100% polypropylene, this planter provides a snug fit for either a 2x4, or 2x6 rail, . No need for brackets or screws. No need to damage your rail with screws or brackets,. 100% virgin Polypropylene. Deck or fence railing planter that fits both 2x4, or 2x6 rails, Simply plant as desired and put it on your rail.

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Bloem Deck Balcony Rail Planter 12" Chocolate

Bloem 477125-1001 - Height x 12 in. Length uv stabilized plastic is fade resistant and will last for many years. Grow a mini garden in an elevated space. Bottom width x 9 in. Includes optional punch out holes for drainage. Rail planter also works on widths slightly smaller 3" up to 3. 75" or 4. 75" up to 5. 5". Fits rail size 3. 75" and 5. 5" width.

Height x 12 in. Made of durable resin, this planter by BLOEM is 100-percent UV stable to prevent fading and cracking and ensures long-lasting use. Bottom width x 9 in. Capacity: 2 gallons / Size: 12 in. Features optional punch-out drainage holes. Compression design fits rail size 3. 75" or 5. 5" wide. Planter was designed to maximize inside growing space and features a tiered bottom design allowing dirt and roots to grow strong and deep.

Bloem Deck Balcony Rail Planter 12" Chocolate - Bpa free. Length. For smaller rail sizes we recommend securing with screws or zipties under railing for added stability screws not included.

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